Monday, February 12, 2007


The artist got tired of only seeing male figures on the traffic lights so she put breasts on them!

Artist: Lína, Dalí Gallerí
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Anonymous said...

i have find your blog by chance
a beautiful design. :D
and it seems that in a small city by madrid the council is changing trafic signal and the new ones are of women instead of men. just like the traffic lights!

congratulations from spain.
sorry for my bad englis

MordyS said...

since you were featured on woostercollective, prepare to be seen!!! also, you list radiohead and other cool bands as bands you're interested in, but no sigur ros?!?!

Collin said...

This is a clever design. I've seen plenty of other types. There's one on my campus with a bowtie. Also, they use hands on the signs here to denote "DO NOT WALK", so people have made various signs by taping over fingers... "rock on", "live long and prosper" from Star Trek or the classic middle finger.

margret said...

I didn't know I'd been featured there until I read the comments. I'm really flattered and also happy that people are interested in Icelandic street art.

I must have forgotten to put Sigur Rós on the list of my favorite bands but I'm going to do it right now. I recommend the album Ágætis Byrjun, one of my favorites.

Thanks for the support!
Margrét Arna

mle said...

are you sure the artist is a him? it does seem to presume in the same way that the original street signs do...

BóBó said...

margrét er fræg!! =D

.. ég gat ekki hamið mig um að segja þetta^-^

pallih said...


kannski hefurdu ahuga a thessu:

Thetta er B.A. verkefnid mitt i mannfraedi vid HI. Tharna eru um 2200 myndir af gotulist i Reykjavik.

Kvedjur fra Laos,


Anonymous said...

I was happy to see another altered walk sign, challenging the male norm. I also saw in Coppenhagen a couple of years ago someone had actually scratched into the black paint on the walking man and given him curves. It made me happy to see us ladies now being represented in the public realm. We need more of it. Lets do a campaign. 50% of these signs to be femaled by 2008!

Max said...

seems a bit stupid, you have turned a gender neutral stick man into something gender specific