Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everyday life can make you smile

I love the stupid and clever things people come up with. It doesn't take much to make me smile...

An ad for the blood bank. "Let's be heroes, give blood." I like it, it makes me smile.

I'd like to know how these work. Special party tights. Also I didn't know I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the store until the clerk walked up to me and said it was forbidden. Well I guess it makes sense. At least it makes more sense than 'Party Tights'.

Sounds like an interesting book. Would make a great gift for someone who deserves it...

I don't think kids like this. What were they thinking. "Oh, the baby was born few weeks too early so we need to keep it in this box." Sounds fun. I would like to know why it was made.

I know sex sells but this is too much. We're selling sex to our kids. I'm not that old but we didn't have this when I played with dolls. Barbie doesn't seem like a bad role model now, does it?

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.... :D Snilld! ;)


linda rún said...

Halló halló! Hvað segir þú nú gott? :D Í hvaða bekk lentirðu?

Hmm, það er nú kominn september, timi til að blogga kannski? ;)

mimi sioux said...

haha i like the one with the incubator!! yes...what were they thinking....?
and who buys it??!!

Ole said...

Regarding the incubator I think it makes total sense!
Think about a kid that gets a too early born younger sibling that is put in an incubator - what better way to deal with that than to play with something like this?
And for the parent to talk and explain about it this would be invaluable as well. Or perhaps the kid itself was born to early and this can be part of their playlife...
I actually really like the fact that "uncomfortable" stuff is not something you don't talk about :)